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Are you currently using content marketing for your business? If you are, don’t miss these 10 useful tricks to up your game.


Everything’s wonderful.

You’ve been using content marketing for business for some time. You’re getting a steady amount of web traffic and the sales enquiries are building up.

But you want something more.

You’d like your brand to be at the top of people’s mind the second anything associated with your industry is mentioned, even remotely.

That’s what content marketing can do for your brand.

Don’t get me wrong, these 10 tricks won’t take effect immediately. But they’re the best practices you can adhere to if you’re using content marketing for your business.

#1 Existing customers = Creative resources

You’re raring to go look up keywords, topics and anything else to amp your content.

But have you thought about talking with your current customers?

They can de facto open up new opportunities. Go ahead and ask them the keywords they use when searching for topics pertaining to your industry.

Also, ask what they’d like explained when reading about the topic. A content strategy produced with customers’ needs in mind are more likely to experience accelerated viewership rates as compared to random articles.

Talking to your customers saves you time and effort on thinking about keywords, topics and presentation—a win-win situation for both.

#2 Make your website beautiful

Humans are visual creatures.

Unless you’re writing for your pets, your content needs to be visually pleasing.

Simplicity is bliss. Is your homepage cluttered with long-form content for SEO purposes? Does it looked disorganized?


And yes, we get that technicality is good but remember, you’re inviting customers to use your website, hence, an appealing and functional website is always preferred.

#3 Use the right font

Fonts are often the most overlooked component in content design and they’re equally, if not more important than their graphical counterparts.

Since fonts typically take up 85% of a written content, it’s necessary for your branding. And they tell a lot about you.

Pert & Greger Law Group 

There’s a reason why law businesses (or other businesses) rarely use Comic Sans MS as their official font.

There’s a font for every need and well-selected fonts also improve readability and captures the attention of your readers.

#4 Make your content as visually readable as possible

You know long-form content works. But long marketing contents can mislead readers into missing main points or give up reading entirely.

The secret to grabbing your reader’s’ attention till the end? Break up the article into parts.

Use heading, subheadings, short paragraphs, shorter sentences, stimulating illustrations, captions, quotes, etc. to divide your articles, especially when they’re lengthy.

#5 Insert call-to-action for your content

A good content presents the problem and the solution, but a good marketing content presents a call-to-action.​

Writing good marketing content is one but monetizing from it is another.

I’m sure you’d want to cash out from your marketing efforts or at least have a viable KPI (Key Performance Indicator) to measure the success of your content.

Including call-to-actions such as links to direct readers to a landing page where they can register, sign up, contact, etc. increase the chances of monetizing your content.

#6 Don’t create content for the sake of creating it

Be hearty when planning your content.

Good content can garner more readers. And it begins with your content marketing strategy.

You wouldn’t start driving without a destination, right?

Except for spontaneous road trips

Good business marketing content strategy and planning leads to great content.

Or you can always go to your existing customers for ideas.

Good contents have the potential to be repurposed in the future and used in a different context.

#7 Be humane

You have a team churning out contents.


Here’s the thing though, content produced by humans is not synonymous to humane.

Some content can come across as flat and unrelatable.

One great thing about writing is you can mold them into the intended tone. Your words can be kind, sultry, dangerous, humorous, and such.

Write something your readers can relate, instead of writing like a manual.

But telling a story wins all.

Your content doesn’t necessarily has to be associated with your products or services. Instead, equate them with the intended deposition.

Red Bull and their world record jump extreme challenge sponsorships is a great example, and that has cultivated Red Bull into a cult favorite in regards to extremity, adventurous and risk-taking.

#8 Promote your content

I’m sure you’re well aware of what social media can do for your brand.

Apart from the usual SEO (search engine optimisation) to increase search engine rankings, promoting on social media is also a must.

By regularly posting on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, back-links on such posts can hike search engine rankings as well.

But content marketing should not be confused with social media marketing. The quality of content affects its popularity in your social networks.

Thus, don’t neglect the content, both should work hand-in-hand.

#9 Keeping track of your content

Always keep track of your content to measure content success and review your current marketing strategy.

So how do we do it?

Google analytics keep track of site traffic, click frequency and whether your content is being read. Buzzsumo also helps in tracking if your content is being shared on other platforms.

Measuring your content success can positively impact your existing content strategy, which we know is the key to boosting your brand.

#10 Be original, be you

A brand is only as good as the people behind it. You want your brand to be a hailed an original, right?

Establish your own unique tone and stance on certain issues as a brand which your competitors will find hard to emulate.

Once you’ve found your identity and who you’re writing for, be consistent in your delivery.

Off you go

There are more than meets the eye when it comes to content marketing for businesses.  

Before you embark on your new exciting content marketing journey, consider applying the above tips to help boost your brand.

If you already have an existing content marketing campaign and you’re not garnering as much traffic as expected, why not improve on it using the above tips?

Content can always be repurposed for future use. So put your back into it and start today.


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