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Content marketing is no Johnny-come-lately and certainly doesn’t hold back on reaching those business goals. The question is: how?


Business owners, get ready.

We’re gonna fess up: we love content marketing. Yes, even more than the much-hyped social media marketing.

We can’t help it. We’ve seen how this marketing technique makes brands brilliant.

As abstract as this craft is, it does deliver concrete outcomes. Like increasing web traffic, drive search engine ranking to the top, reel in more potential customers, save more dollars etc. These are outcomes that can be parallel to business goals.  

What’s beautiful is you don’t even have need to blatantly sell your products or services.

“How is that possible!” business owners cry.

Well, business owners, be ready for the quasi-impossible.

Content marketing, content marketing objectives and business goals

In layman terms, it’s a love triangle.

You need clear business goals to set your content marketing objectives. You need content marketing objectives to determine if your content marketing efforts are working. And your content marketing efforts have to be in line with your business goals.

That’s like a tongue-twister.

But when you get the hang of it, you’ll see that it’s less complicated.

What are business goals?

First thing first: we shouldn’t need to define business goals to you.

Setting goals is a sensational, glorious and indispensable component of a successful business.

Question: where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?

This is not the time to hoist your modesty. Set it high (but not ludicrously unattainable)!

We have all sorts of things we want for our business. But you really need to sanitize those desires. We’re not saying to never mind those dreams you’ve had for your business (be the next Apple company, anyone?), just keep it real for now.

Goals set your business in the right direction, and lets you decisively, well, make decisions.

Content marketing objectives and business goals

A business’s marketing practice shouldn’t be treated as something disposable.

Remember: you can make do with a lot lesser but attain something more.


A good marketing practice doesn’t require you to empty your wallet, and also one that shows results.

To know if there are results, what’d you need? That’s right, marketing objectives.

Having content marketing objectives is as de rigueur as having business goals.

Feel free to treat these objectives like a holy doctrine. It needs to be permanent (provided that they’re pertinent to the business’s current situation) and fulfilled by everyone in the company.

Content marketing objectives are part of your business goals. E.g. The right marketing technique should bring you a high rate of ROI (return-on-investment). Which translates into saving money for the business (if cutting costs is one of your business goal for the year).

How content marketing can achieve business goals?

So you want to ramp up your business’s marketing practice a notch.

And you’re considering content marketing.

Smart choice! But it’s not an easy feat.

Still, it can definitely help in achieving business goals. You just need to follow these steps:

Understand your audiences

So your website is replete with strong, relevant content.

And you waited with bated breath for months for that glorious flow of traffic.

But what if that doesn’t happen?

There are a few reasons why so, but fundamentally it’s about understanding your target audiences. Understanding what your audiences are looking for is key to web traffic for your site.

Create a unique voice

You’re possibly competing with hundreds, or thousands of brands.

So how can you stand out?

Embrace originality! Create content that are one-of-a-kind, complemented by the brand’s style and tone.

For example, if your brand is not afraid of being humorous, go all the way out!

Convert potential customers

For some reason, people are more likely to buy new products from familiar brand.

To forge familiarity, your content needs to be with your targeted audiences 24/7.


We’re kidding.

Just make sure your content is there when they search for anything related to your business or industry.

You’ll want to make sure your content strategy is in such excellent shape that you’ve zero issues in inviting visitors to sign-up, register, or subscribe.

Once you have the prospect’s approval, you can exercise content to gently push the audience towards the purchasing cycle.

Cultivate customer loyalty

Now you have them in your bag.

And how can you keep them loyal?

Form content for every level of consumers; those who haven’t bought, those who’re thinking of buying, those who’ve bought, those who are considering their second purchase, etc.

Also, everyone loves exclusivity. Give visitors/customers a little special something now and then (of course according to your business’s budget).

Send them valuable information that they can’t access anywhere else via email. Give them a coupon for your products or services.

Don’t be afraid of giving more than you’re gaining—something good will eventually come out of it.


While high ROI and plenty of sales are among the hallmarks of good content marketing practice, sometimes it’s okay to bump into a few obstacles here and there.

Not all businesses have triumphed with attaining goals with content marketing in the beginning.

Like achieving any other goals, using content marketing to achieve business goals requires blood and sweat. The competition is getting steeper since consumers have unlimited choices and they can select whatever product or service they want.

Content marketing, for businesses, is putting truth above pennies.

Businesses have to continuously revise and develop their content marketing strategy. Your content strategy has to adjust to the needs of customers in each new stage, and cling to the changeability in the practices of content marketing.

You might cringe at this, but truth is, content marketing doesn’t focus on selling your products or services. It sells your brand, it builds your brand, it humanizes it.

Content marketing is a holistic approach. You need certain things, like teamwork, to make reaching goals with content marketing possible. But that’s exactly how your brand can remain sustainable, and in turn, accomplish more seemingly impossible objectives.


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